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Facial Fat Grafting Orange County

Facial Fat Grafting is a procedure that transfers fat from areas of the body in which you have excess fat, such as the abdomen, and injects it into face to restore contour and proportion to your face. The loss of youthful volume in the face can be due to a variety of factors, including changes in body weight as well as aging. This loss contributes to the face having a sunken and hollow appearance. The goal of a Facial Fat Grafting is to give the face a rejuvenated, natural restoration of volume. This page will review some of the most common topics related to Facial Fat Grafting.To view Before & After photos of Dr. Aiello’s Facial Fat Grafting patients, click HERE to go to the gallery.

I’ve had injectable fillers, like Juvederm, is fat grafting the same?

Fat grafting is similar to injectable fillers in that it is a safe, noninvasive method for achieving facial rejuvenation and the results tend to be very natural. The biggest difference is that the results are long lasting and use your own body fat. If you have facial areas that appear creased and sunken and desire more permanent correction than has been provided by temporary fillers, Facial Fat Grafting is often a better option.

What areas of the face can benefit from fat Grafting?

The most common areas to graft fat to the face are sunken areas like the temples, mid face, cheeks, jaw and lips. All the areas that, as we age, the fat atrophies away. If you have facial creases or acne scars they can sometimes also be filled in. Facial Fat Grafting is most commonly done in conjunction with a Face Lift. Your face shows signs of aging in three ways and restoring lost volume with fat grafting only addresses one of the signs. You may also have sagging skin and loss of muscle tone or skin texture issues such as deep wrinkles and discoloration of your skin. A Face Lift tightens the muscles and redrapes the skin. And Laser, Chemical Peel or Dermabrasion can resurface the skin to soften the texture of wrinkles and improve skin tone and clarity. During your consultation Dr. Aiello will make a treatment plan to help you achieve the best outcome for whatever level of rejuvenation you desire. It’s important to know your choices and the level of correction they can provide!

How does facial fat grafting work?

Fat is harvested from one part of your body with liposuction. (Dr. Aiello will create a small incision in the area for fat removal and insert a cannula connected to a syringe to carefully extract fat.) The fat is then purified and the best fat cells are prepared for transfer. He then uses specially designed needles to carefully and strategical inject the fat into your face, grafting it into its new home in your body. Facial Fat Grafting rarely requires the patient to undergo General Anesthesia, unless done in conjunction with a Face Lift. The fat harvesting site as well as the face are injected with a local anesthetic beforehand to keep the areas comfortably numb.

Is Facial fat grafting permanent?

All of the fat grafted that survives is re-established permanently in the new area. But not all of the fat that is injected establishes a blood supply and survives. The rate of retention in the face is higher than in other areas of the body, but it is sometimes necessary to repeat the fat grafting procedure several times to achieve the desired result. It can not be over done in hopes that there is more of a survival rate.There is a limit of how much fat can be safely injected into one area. The amount of fat that remains over time is variable from patient to patient. It is important that you do not have any circulation problems, either from a medical condition or smoking.

More information on Facial Fat Grafting in greater detail may be obtained from the references listed below:

We understand the importance of having well-informed patients, and will take the time to thoroughly review all of your options for Facial Fat Grafting so that you are confident with your choices. If you would like to learn more about Facial Fat Grafting at Ocean Plastic Surgery Center, CLICK HERE to contact us! We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Aiello.

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